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“Art is a medicine that can revolutionize therapy.” –Shaun McNIff

“Part of art’s curative power lies in its ability to bypass verbal defenses and directly communicate emotions well beyond our day-to-day consciousness.” –Mimi Farrelly-Hansen


Where words fail, art speaks.

I am professionally trained to use art-based therapeutic approaches to enhance our work together. There is great potential for using art materials to serve as a portal into the unconscious. Because this process has the potential to display what is happening on the inside in an outer form, I view art therapy as one of several possible interventions to bring about greater insight into your experience; I am ready to meet you at the level in which you are interested.

Art as therapy can be linked back to the earliest cave paintings.  Humans have been using art for expression and ritual for thousands of years. Making art creates space for us to be with our experience. Through attention and choices, we give artistic form to the images within us, allowing a dialogue to form between artist (that’s you!) and image (your creation).  There is no need to have any artistic background or understanding of art to deeply benefit from art therapy. In fact, a huge part of my role is to help you break away from trying to create “good” art, so you can allow yourself to experience genuine and healing expression.

Being a transpersonal art therapist means that I deeply value your personal experience, as well as consider it to be something that moves through you and exists in a larger, sacred container.   A transpersonal context includes holding non-judgment for your symptoms, a non-pathological attitude, welcoming the mysterious aspects of your existence, spiritual frameworks, non-ordinary states of consciousness, and viewing creativity as a sacred source for truth and wisdom.