Photographer Credit: Stephen Cardinale / @thephence

Photographer Credit: Stephen Cardinale / @thephence

I am a professional licensed mental health counselor living and working in Seattle, Washington.  I grew up in the Midwest but have lived on the West Coast for several years. I received my undergraduate degree from Luther College, double-majoring in art and psychology. I hold a Master’s Degree from Naropa University in both Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy.  To me, being a professional means that I am held to rigorous standards by my community and consistently engage in continuing education. I sincerely enjoy this work and hold it with the utmost respect and integrity.

Alongside my private practice in Madison Valley,  I work with adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse at Roanoke Park Counseling Center in Capitol Hill. I have specific training in the treatment of trauma recovery from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute of Colorado.  I have specialized training in the evidence-based treatment of EMDR. As an art therapist, I often weave art-based interventions with my knowledge of working with trauma and the body. I am confident in my ability to integrate several therapeutic models, especially my experience with meditation and Zen philosophy, to bridge the gap between such things as cutting-edge neuroscience and our need to create meaning from suffering.

I hold deep reverence and integrity for the profession of psychotherapy, which is evidenced by the rich texture of relationship I weave with each client. I view therapy as the daily practice of creating space where before there was solidity and constriction. I create a safe environment and attitude of respect for your needs, longings, fears, and goals to surface. I am skilled at creating effective interventions in order to shed light upon childhood learning, habitual patterns, and obstacles to growth. I am able to facilitate meaningful connections between fears and desires, so that you may move closer to the life you envision. I am open-minded and genuinely curious about who you are and honor the uniqueness of each circumstance you encounter.  I have personal experience with the challenges and rewards inherent in the therapeutic journey, as well as  the strength, intimacy, and feeling of aliveness that can come from fully engaging in the process. By upholding my own commitment to self-care through art making, meditation and ritual, contact with the natural world, and conscious relationships, I am able to uphold my commitment to you and our relationship.


Curriculum Vitae

Marissa M. Grasmick, MA, LMHC

-Trained in EMDR Trauma Therapy
-Trained in Sensorimotor Trauma Therapy
-Trained in DBT
-Seven years of post-graduate experience in clinical counseling
-Extensive experience with diverse and marginalized populations
-Hold two Master’s Degrees: Transpersonal Counseling and Art Therapy
-Extensive training in mindfulness/meditation from Naropa University


Mental Health Counselor & Art Therapist
Supervisor: Brook Avidon LMHCA

November 2016- current
Shepherd’s Counseling Services for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Seattle, WA

Mental Health Counselor & Art Therapist
Supervisior: Rebecca Bloom, LMHC, ATR-BC

November 2017-present
Seattle Art Therapy private practice
Seattle, WA


Master of Arts, M.A.
May 2012
Naropa University, Boulder CO
Degree: Transpersonal Counseling Psychology
Degree: Art Therapy
Master’s Research: Focused-Oriented Art Therapy for Working with Complex Trauma

Excerpt from Thesis: “Although the myriad of symptoms that flood the body following a traumatic event can be all consuming and overwhelming, “trauma need not be a life sentence” (Levine, 1997, p.12). The hope here lies in the integration of both the verbal and nonverbal, the sequential and the creative, speech and body, analytical thinking and emotion. Essentially, effective treatment lies in integrating the left and the right hemispheres, supporting a neurobiological view of psychological trauma that naturally lends itself to nonverbal treatments such as art therapy (Gantt, 2009).”

Bachelor of Arts, B.A.
May 2007
Luther College, Decorah IA
Major: Psychology
Major: Art
Undergraduate Research and Art Exhibit: Market Constructed Reality: What are Pharmaceutical Ads Really Saying?


Clinical Mental Health Counselor
Supervisors: Hillary Henson, MFT and Lea Roussos, MFT
Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS), August 2014, Registered Intern: PCCI

September 2014- September 2016 (contract ending)
Southern California Counseling Center
Los Angeles, CA

Psychotherapist in Private Practice
Supervisor: Merryl Rothaus, LPC, ATR
Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), August 2013, Registered Psychotherapist

September 2012- December 2013
HoloBeing Wellness Center
Boulder, CO


Naropa Community Art Studio - International (NCAS-I)
Supervisor: Sue Wallingford, LPC, ATR-BC
Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Boulder, CO
May 2011 – June 2012


Clinical Counseling Intern
Supervisor: Ryan Kennedy, MA, LPC, LMFT, RN, NCC, CACIII, CGP, CMT, BC-DMT, CLMA, ACS

May 2011- May 2012
Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute
Denver, CO


Clinical Counselor, Art Therapy
Supervisor: Brad Metzler, LPC, NCC, MA

January 2011‐May 2011
MOSAIC Artworks, Teen Residential Treatment Facility
Denver, CO


Trauma-Informed Expressive Arts Therapy, Level 1, November 2017
Ghost Ranch, New Mexico

Healing Trauma With Art, November 2017
Seattle, WA

Motivational Interviewing, September 2017
Tacoma, WA

Washington Law and Ethics, June 2017
Shoreline, WA

Training for the Treatment of Trauma, Level 1, September 2012- March 2013
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Broomfield CO

The Role of Rhythm and Action in Brain Development, Attachment, and Trauma, January 2012
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Broomfield CO

Gottman Couples Therapy, Level I Training, September 2011
Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Denver CO

Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST), August 2011
Naropa University, Boulder CO

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Training, July 2011
Noeticus Counseling Center and Training Institute, Denver CO

Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention and Victim Advocacy Training, September 2010
Boulder Mental Health Partners, Moving to End Sexual Assault (MESA), Boulder CO

Psychopharmacology, September 2013-present
Alliant International University, Los Angeles, CA


7-Day Mondo Zen Sesshin with JunPo Roshi
October 18-25, 2012 @Sunrise Ranch, Loveland CO
May 12-19, 2013 @Sunrise Ranch, Loveland, CO
January 18-25, 2014 @ Sonoma Mountain Zen Center, Sonoma CA

-Practice Zen meditation for 6 hours per day.
-Daily group work for two-hour sessions using specific Mondo approach that works with emotional material.
-Observe silence throughout the week unless for specified times.
-Work practice such as dishes and cleaning.
-Conduct the therapeutic Mondo modality with first-time retreat participants.

Meditation Training, Levels I, II, and III
January 2011- August 2011
Shambhala Center, Boulder CO